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TM 200/300 - Message Sign

From design to delivery, no one beats National Signal's expertise in LED technology.

Our Sunray TM200 and TM300 Full Matrix signs are a prime example of taking CMS applications to the next level.

Lightweight, easily mounted and simple to operate, these units provide a variety of bright, multiple message and communication features to meet the most stringent requirements.

Traffic safety is the driving force in National Signal's ongoing research and development efforts.

Whatever your traffic requirements, you can depend on National Signal Inc. for the latest technology, innovation, reliability and continued commitment to cost-effective solutions.


  • Truck Mounted
  • LED AllnGaP Technology
  • Hundreds of pre-programmed messages, MUTCD symbols, and operator-created messages
  • Up to 3 lines and 12 characters
  • Color Touch Tablet
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable and easy to operate
  • High torque electric motor
  • Meet or exceed all state and federal highway MUTCD traffic safety specifications

Sunray LTS

3/16" polycarbonate sign window (std. is 1/8")
Custom paint - colors to meet specs
Anti-graffiti coating on window
Mounting Frame
TM 300 50"h x 88"w x 9"dp
TM 200 38"h x 75"w x 9"dp
Frame 1" x 2" x .120 wall steel tube
Pivots sealed bearing pillow blocks
TM 200 7.5" H 10/line (3) lines
11.5" H 6/line (2) lines
24" H 3/line (1) line
10" H 8/line (2) lines
TM 300 7.5" H 10/line (3) lines
10" H 9/line (3) lines
11.5" H 9/line (3) line
24" H 3/line (1) lines
Sign Panel
Full Matrix LED (TM 200) 20 pixels high by 40 pixels wide, up to 3 lines by 10 characters maximum depending on font
Full Matrix (TM 300) 28 pixels high by 48 pixels wide, up to 4 lines by 12 characters maximum depending on font
Raised height (from base to top of sign) TM 200: 46" (116.8 cm)
TM 300: 58" (147.3 cm)
Lowered height (from base to top of sign) TM 200: 15" (38.1 cm)
TM 300 15" (38.1 cm)
Mounting width TM 200: 85" (215.9cm)
TM 300: 98" (248.9)
Universal truck mount frame Included
Gross weight TM 200: 250 lb. (113.4 kg)
TM 300: 300 lb. (136kg)
Additional info ▪ 590 nm (amber) light output LED AllnGaP technology
▪ 4 LED/Pixel standard, 1.5" x 1.75" pixel spacing
▪ Store over 300 pre-programmed permanent messages and operator-created messages
▪ Moving arrows, chevrons and other graphics with auto-centering of messages
▪ Cables and connectors for connecting to vehicle battery power are included
▪ Unique "stay tight" snap-in characters
▪ Positive locking mechanism in raised and lowered positions with dual electric actuators
▪ Long-lasting powder coat finish
Type Handheld/removable
Dimming Manual or automatic
Photo electric sensor Mounted away from extreneous light
NTCIP communications Supported
Mounting On pedestal with separate lift switch

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