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Sunray 415R - Radar Detection

National Signal continues to design the finest in radar speed displays with its Sunray™ 415R.

The Sunray™ 415R Radar Display is easily transported and simple to operate, providing an elevated, amber display with large, 18" high digits to ensure enhanced driver visibility.

Pre-programmed overspeed messages and a variety of options including wireless control via a cellular phone, add to its versatility and effectiveness.

Traffic safety is the driving force in National Signal's ongoing research and development efforts.

Whatever your traffic requirements, you can depend on National Signal for the latest technology, innovation, reliability and our continued commitment to cost-effective solutions.


  • Trailer Mounted
  • AllnGaP LED Technology
  • Elevated display provides greater visibility
  • 18"H characters and 4 Alpha character capability
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reliable and Cost Effective
  • Easy Operation
  • NTCIP compliant
  • Meet or exceed all state and federal highway MUTCD traffic safety specifications

Sunray 415R

Batteries and Solar Collectors
Batteries 6v wired for 12v deep cycle with varying options
Battery enclosure Lockable, ventilated, acid resistant
Solar collector Crystalline silicon auto erecting
Numeric display
Pixel matrix 7 rows by 15 columns
Character size 18" 3 numeric digits 4 alpha digits with preset messages when threshold speed is exceeded (eg: Too Fast, Slow down, $100 Fine)
Angularity 25° total
Brightness Manual/automatic 31 levels
Photo sensor Shielded from extraneous light
Speed limit sign(s) (3) regulation signs double sided
Width across fenders 75"
Drawbar 3"x 3"x 3/8" wall steel tube, removable
Fenders formed steel for strength, bolt on
Frame (4) post design 2.12" x 1.87" x .125 wall steel tubing MIG welded to chassis
Length w/ drawbar 114"
Length w/o drawbar 67"
Height w/ sign up 139"
Height w/ sign down 89"
Hitch 2" ball class II 3500 lb capacity
Jacks (4) slide type plated, (1) swing type w/ caster
Tire Size ST205/75-D15 load C
Winch 1000 lb with double disc brake system. 1/4" diameter galvanized steel with a test strength of 4400 lb minimum
Weight 1500 lbs
Radar Detector
Type One true doppler radar
Speed range 5-200 Mph or km/h
Distance range 1/4 to1/2 mile
Band type K, 12°
Operating voltage 10.8 vdc to 16.8 vdc
Operating temperature -22F to +140F (-30C to +60C) 100% relative humidity at +99F (+37C) non-condensing

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