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NAIM Illuminated Street Name Sign

The NAIM Series was developed to satisfy the growing demand to update traffic intersection identification systems.

The NAIM Series has the visual performance to provide excellent target value with legibility at 500 feet, allowing approaching vehicles ample time for maneuvering at closing speeds to 45 m.p.h.

The sturdy extruded and cast aluminum body provides longer life and service when compared to formed sheet metal products.


  • Available in both Fluorescent and LED
  • 500' Legibility
  • Windload dump feature
  • Tooless entry for minimum sign maintenance and repair
  • Suitable for outdoor use

NAIM Illuminated Street Name Sign

Main body
  • Top and bottom pan are 6063-T5 extruded aluminum with a minimum wall thickness of .078"
  • Top pan incorporates drip guards overhanging the panel face to offer protection from precipitation
  • Top and bottom pan are welded continuous to end castings to complete a weather-resistant seal
Mounting Assembly
  • Fixture mounting blocks are designed to provide lateral adjustment on the fixture top pan
  • Hanging brackets are provided to enable leveling to either davit or horizontal mast arms
  • Entire assembly enables fixture to swing on bronze bushing to reduce wind load factors on mast arm
  • Occasional maintenance, consisting of lightly oiling of mountingblock, is required in areas of high salt spray concentration
Sign Panels
  • Sign panels are .093 polycarbonate
  • Entire lens is framed and gasketed including a full length extruded aluminum hinge for straight line travel and positive positioning to provide exceptional sealing
  • Sign panels are also available in Retro Reflective materials
  • Each sign is supplied with one or two T8 or T12 cool white fluorescent lamps or LED Light Engine
Ficture length Finish and color Mounting Options
30 x 72
30 x 96
NA- Natural aluminum (Std.)CC- Custom (please specify) MST- Mast arm (Std.)
SWC- Span wire cable
BUP- Back brace to fit upright pole
DMS- Direct arm mount (single face only)
M-2- Side pole mount
DMS- Median pole mount
SSWL- less banding
DSWL- Less banding
PEC- Photo Elec Cell
PCR- Photo Cell receptacle only
RR- Retro Reflective Film
OV- Overlay Film
Product ID model # of lamps Voltage Lamp type Face
NAIM 1,2,3,4 120 standard 112 S-Single Face, D- Double Face

NAIM Illuminated Street Name Sign

NAIM Illuminated Street Name Sign

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