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Standard Directional Display - Arrow Board

The Directional Display™ Panel from National Signal provides advance warning and directional information.

The system assists in diverting and controlling traffic around construction or maintenance activities.


  • Powered by 12VDC
  • Exceeds requirements described in part 6E-7 of the MUTCD
  • Remote operator control
  • Manual and automatic dimming
  • Touch sensitive control keys
  • LED mode display
  • Rugged construction
  • Automotive style fuse w/ spares
  • Built-in battery indicator w/ auto shut down protecs vehicle battery from discharge
  • Slimline control saves valuable dash space

Standard Directional Display

  • Sealed, touch sensitive membrane switches
  • Power ON/OFF with LED indicator
  • Manual/Automatic dimming
  • Automotive style fuses (20A) with extra replacement
  • LED display on control indicates mode
  • LED battery condition indicator
  • Built-in low voltage shut-off protects from excessive battery discharge
  • Test mode illuminates all lamps allowing user to spot burned out lamps
  • Remote keypad: 3" x 7" x 1"
  • Main control: Under seat or remote location
Automatic dimming
Full lamp voltage above approximately 100 foot candles. Below 20 foot candles, lamp voltage set by photo cell located under the panel to protect from vehicle head lights, street lights, etc. Lamp intensity is set by ambient light conditions.
Standard power cable is 9'. Standard control cable is 15'. Other cable lengths are optional
Electric lift
12vdc high torque motor with automatic clutch

Standard Directional Display

Display panel
  • The front and back panels are made from aluminum. Perimeter frame and internal vertical members manufactured from extruded aluminum channel.
  • Lamps are 4 in. amber, PAR 36 LED high brightness/low power. With three indicator lamps located on the rear.
  • Lamp hoods (retainers) are formed of high impact plastic with four indexing mounting holes.
  • Panels are etched, painted, and baked using non glare black powder paint. A photo resistor is built into the bottom of the panel to measure the ambient light.
Manual dimming
Intensity set by user regardless of ambient light conditions
Panel size Number of lamps
24 x 48* 13
30 x 60* 13, 15**, 25
36 x 72* 15, 25
49 x 96 15, 25
36 x 72 180 13, 15, 25

* Available in power lift fold down version.

** Optional

Optional double face panels available on some models.

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