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Curve™ - Arrow Board

The new National Signal Aro-Lite Curve™ traffic controller represents the latest blend in environment and technology.

With our innovative curve design, the operator has greater clearance to maneuver around the chassis.

This unique curve design provides greater lateral strength to the uprights, decreases the amount of welding which means less energy required for manufacturing, and increases the foot print area.

That means less chance for blow overs in high wind areas.


  • Environmentally friendly sealed battery prevent spills and leaks
  • New control with touch sensitive keys and LED display uses 50% less energy which means longer run times between charges
  • Newly designed replaceable fenders means less repair time
  • Curb side winch and battery box means greater safety for the user
  • High mounted tail lights provide motorists with a better view when stopping


Combo hitch 2" ball & 3" pintle ring, 8" & 18" adj.
Battery controller
Battery charger, 15A or 30A fanned cooled
Wheel locks
14" wheels
Cone rack
Trailer Construction
Deck area 43" deep x 50" wide
Drawbar 3" x 3" x 3/8" wall steel tube, removable
Fenders formed steel bolt-on
Frame (4) post design 2.125" x 1.78" x 1/8" steel tubing formed to an arc MIG welded to frame
Length w/ drawbar 114"
Length w/o drawbar 67"
Height sign up 139"
Height sign down 89"
Hitch 2" ball class II 3500 lb capacity, removable
Jacks (4) slide type plated, (1) swing type
Tire size ST205/75-D15 load C
Weight 1000 lbs
Winch 1000 lb. with double disc brake system, 1/4" diameter galvanized steel cable mounted on curb side
Circuit Protection Automotive style blade fuses
Dimming Manual or automatic
Display LED, shows operating mode
Meters Voltage built-in with low voltage warning and shut-down
Functions 15 lamp 7
Functions 25 lamp 12


Front lamps 15 or 46 PAR
Height 48"
Lamp covers 360 degrees
Lamp type LED, 590nm reverse polarity protected
Panel Construction aluminum
Photo sensor shielded extraneous light
Rear lamps 3
Batteries and Solar Collectors
Batteries (1) 12v sealed AGM, For other options: Call factory
Battery Enclosure Lockable, ventilated, acid resistant
Solar collector Crystalline silicon
Solar collector frame Formed steel, powder coated black, self erecting, universal

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